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To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter - Video

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From my new set Moon Eladrin

From my new set Moon Eladrin

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"What makes the non-South Asian person’s use of the bindi problematic is the fact that a pop star like Selena Gomez wearing one is guaranteed to be better received than I would if I were to step out of the house rocking a dot on my forehead. On her, it’s a bold new look; on me, it’s a symbol of my failure to assimilate. On her, it’s unquestionably cool; on me, it’s yet another marker of my Otherness, another thing that makes me different from other American girls. If the use of the bindi by mainstream pop stars made it easier for South Asian women to wear it, I’d be all for its proliferation — but it doesn’t. They lend the bindi an aura of cool that a desi woman simply can’t compete with, often with the privilege of automatic acceptance in a society when many non-white women must fight for it."

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I don’t really care that she has flaws. I honestly think that it makes her character more interesting. I’m in the business of wanting more women not perfect women (because male characters don’t have to be perfect to be acceptable to anyone to be tolerated) I just want them in equal numbers. Our interests and our opinions on Jane are obviously not going to intersect anytime soon BUT I ask you to reconsider nonetheless.

Surely you’ve heard that NASA closed the WISH program for young women? I bring it up because I’ve had the dubious job of sifting through the crappy things people say about Jane, but I never have to see people dissatisfied with Tony Stark’s portrayal or Bruce Banner’s (this is just one example). That’s because they have the luxury of being stars of their own franchises. The stories are told to flatter them. I believe there’s at least somewhat of a connection in the way that those male highschoolers complaints led to the shutdown of a program to further women in STEM fields and the importance of giving young girls role models. We don’t have the luxury of pretending that women are anywhere near achieving enough representation in media and definitely there aren’t enough of them in the STEM fields. Opinions that criticize the writing are valid of course they are but they also give credence to the myth that we have enough acceptance of those woman in the first place.

We have a long way to go with female representation and the misogyny in public reactions to female characters. But I don’t think the way to achieve better representation is to diminish the revolutionary roles that women are taking in these films. I was honestly very disappointed with Maya Hansen’s quick and pointless death in IM3 (and don’t even get me started on Frigga’s death for Thor, Odin and Loki’s manpain). I was very happy that Jane not only didn’t die but was afforded the opportunity of being a more fleshed out character in this film. […]

I also really enjoyed her because she represents the women I’ve known in my life who have suffered depressions, career setbacks, emotional blows, and yet when push came to shove they stood up and pushed back. And that’s what Jane does in the film. As soon as she’s free of the Aether she’s back to theorizing about what she saw of Malekith’s plans. She’s figuring out a way to get back home. She’s already concerned with the next showdown.

I don’t want a Jane to be a perfect woman, but I want more women to join her, I want more women like Jane Foster and Lady Sif, Frigga and Darcy. In a perfect world we would have gotten a whole hour of following their storylines and seeing them get stuff accomplished. In a perfect world we’d get the Journey into Mystery storyline where Lady Sif and Jane Foster team up to go adventuring. I believe in the potential of Jane’s story and I don’t think we’ll get there if we don’t defend her now as she is, flawed, human but also pretty damn amazing.


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my favorite mythical creatures are the happy girls in tampon commercials

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